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Adopt-a-Trail, part 1

The open space belongs to all of us. But some have taken ownership one step further by volunteering to adopt a specific trail. The COSCA website indicates the “Adopt-a-Trail program enables individuals, civic groups and private companies to adopt trails or... Continue Reading →

Paramount Ranch

Places everyone. Quiet on set! Cue the dog. And… rolling! Our most recent adventure took us to Paramount Ranch - 2,700 acres of movie making history in Agoura Hills, California. The first thing encountered after crossing a bridge into the park... Continue Reading →

Two Winds

Two Winds = Dos Vientos. An open space area over 1,200 acres that was originally part of the 1836 Rancho Guadalasca Spanish Land Grant. More recent history of Dos Vientos along with a couple vintage photos can be found here.... Continue Reading →

Find Your Tribe

There is a special feeling when you’re alone on a trail, hiking with your shadow. Many times Kdog and I have been out there when the only other beings visible are bunnies, birds, and bugs. With Kempsey by my side... Continue Reading →

Conejo Canyons

Three Days. Three different hikes. All in the Conejo Canyons area (over 1,600 acres of open space that borders the western edge of Wildwood). Each route has a different starting location. Two entrances in Newbury Park drop down into the... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks

Being thankful should be a daily pursuit, not just something we acknowledge on the fourth Thursday in November. There are the big things - family, friends, health and I am grateful for all of these. But I believe complete happiness... Continue Reading →

Inaugural Entry

Welcome! I suppose we should start with introductions and cover some background info (more detailed than what you'll find in the ABOUT tab above) so you know what to expect. Here's the who, what, where, when, and why of Kempsey... Continue Reading →

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