The open space belongs to all of us. But some have taken ownership one step further by volunteering to adopt a specific trail. The COSCA website indicates the “Adopt-a-Trail program enables individuals, civic groups and private companies to adopt trails or sections of trails. Adopting entities agree to provide maintenance for their selected trails on a quarterly basis”. For this week’s entry we hiked with other trail adopters (our own adopted trail will be covered at a later date).

Kim, life long resident of the Conejo Valley, escorted us on Canyon Overlook Trail. The bottom of this trail is accessible from Hill Canyon Road. For a longer route you could park at the main entrance to Wildwood then take Mesa Trail to the the top of Canyon Overlook, near Lizard Rock.

When asked how she discovered the Adopt-a-Trail program, Kim stated she noticed the green plaque on a trail sign and contacted the email listed. Program coordinator, John, let her know which trails were available. Kim didn’t think twice before choosing Canyon Overlook Trail since it connects to Lizard Rock, an area that holds special meaning for her.

Canyon Overlook Trail is adopted by two families, dedicated to their loved ones who enjoyed mountain biking in this area.

Kira, who also has lived in Thousand Oaks her entire life, is a runner. One day she decided to mix it up and try the dirt. Kira’s first ever trail run was on the Lynnmere Trail, during which she found that a bridge had been washed out. In researching how to report the missing bridge Kira discovered the COSCA and COSF web sites and learned about all the volunteer opportunities in which she could get involved.

Kempsey and Kira at Lynnmere West Trailhead

In another serendipitous match, Lynnmere West was available when Kira contacted John about becoming a trail adopter. The trailhead is located at the end of a cul de sac in the Lynn Ranch neighborhood. This is one of those trails loaded with character, varying terrain, and access to connectors presenting numerous route options.

As adopters, Kim and Kira noted trail conditions and will each file a report regarding our recent trail visit. Amid conversation about mountain biking, the amazing views, and what a truly special area we live in, Kim and Kira picked up trash found along the way.

Requesting to have adopters guide Kempsey and I on their designated trails has allowed us to make new friends and deepen existing friendships. Exploring the open space with others who share our passion has us looking forward to further installments of Adopt-a-Trail blog entries….

Canyon Overlook Trail