Two Winds = Dos Vientos. An open space area over 1,200 acres that was originally part of the 1836 Rancho Guadalasca Spanish Land Grant. More recent history of Dos Vientos along with a couple vintage photos can be found here. There is an intricate network of trails with numerous trailheads and a plethora of neighborhood access points allowing one to create a variety of routes by mixing up the starting location and trail choice.

Neighborhood access connects to Potrero Ridge (see Giving Thanks entry).

One of the more popular trails is Vista del Mar, which includes Twin Ponds. Sadly, the drought conditions in California dried up the ponds last summer. But we are always hopeful for a rainy winter or two to start restoring them. The aptly named Vista del Mar trail does provide some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands.

In 2013 the Springs Fire tore through Dos Vientos and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. While the last few years have seen much regrowth, there are still plenty reminders of that wildfire.

Bench on El Encanto Trail “Dedicated to the Ventura County Fire Department whose dedication resulted in no injuries or homes lost from the Springs Fire of May 2013″  12-10-16 Route

The Conejo Mountain Edison Road Trail, also referred to as Powerline Trail, tallied over 1,400 feet of elevation gain during our round trip adventure. While the character of the trail is relatively unchanging and could even be called stark at times, the views are spectacular. There is beauty in the rock formations and in the way an early morning sun trickles through the outcroppings.

Powerline Trail    12-11-16 Route

It was a dewy morning when we hiked El Encanto and Prickly Pear trails. Everything is different on a foggy doggy hike… not better or worse, just different.

I don’t know if Kempsey appreciates the view, but she sure is happy to be exploring the trails! I suppose Kdog’s olfactory investigation is comparable to my visual enjoyment?

We encourage you to get outside – buoy your spirit and treat your senses!