Three Days. Three different hikes. All in the Conejo Canyons area (over 1,600 acres of open space that borders the western edge of Wildwood). Each route has a different starting location. Two entrances in Newbury Park drop down into the canyon, which means an uphill finish (which Kempsey doesn’t seem to mind a bit). The third starting area near Santa Rosa Park in Camarillo gives hikers the option of a relatively flat out-n-back hike along Hill Canyon and Hawk Canyon Trails, although when we started there we chose to climb up Col du Conejo.

Rather than a rambling monologue, this journal entry will be mostly a pictorial narrative, including captions to provide some details about our adventures. And yes, every outing with Kempsey is considered an adventure, including a walk through the neighborhood. “Adventure” is really a state of mind.

Kempsey at the top of Elliot Mountain, recently named after Burt Elliot who was an active volunteer and trail advocate.
Arrow on sign points to the peak.
Last portion of trail up Elliot Mountain is very rocky but worth the views once you scramble to the top.


On the Gnome Trail leading to Elliot Mountain which is to the right of us, not pictured. Route Link


Canopy shade on Hawk Canyon Trail. Route Link
Conejo Canyons Bridge connects this open space area to Wildwood
Yup! That’s water in the creek after Saturday’s rain. Route Link
Top of Col du Conejo with Channel Islands in the distance.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation of our time in the Conejo Canyons Open Space. We certainly had fun exploring the area! And a shout out (plus photo credit) to my hubby who joined us on the Elliot Mountain hike.