Being thankful should be a daily pursuit, not just something we acknowledge on the fourth Thursday in November. There are the big things – family, friends, health and I am grateful for all of these. But I believe complete happiness is found in the little things of our daily existence…. the four paws up pose by Kempsey inviting a belly rub, the sound of wind through the trees in our backyard, Kdog investigating that weird little bug. Search out and embrace the joy! Recognizing these moments will lead to an attitude of gratitude that is contagious.


All smiles!  November 24, 2016

This morning Erica and Michelle again joined Kempsey & I for a Turkey Day hike. Getting out on the trail Thanksgiving morning is the perfect way to start a day that generally involves copious amounts of eating. Since this is our fourth year running or hiking the same route I think we can call it a tradition now!


Sierra Vista Trail, Newbury Park


November 27, 2014

We refer to this route as ‘the DV10K loop’ as that is the total distance including the road portions. GPS link is only for the trail segments. There is a parking lot available at the Potrero Ridge trailhead on S. Reino Road but we start earlier than the gate opens.

Channel Islands visible in the background above Kempsey’s head (Anacapa to the left, Santa Cruz right).

Since we should all be off our computers and with our friends & family right now, I just want to share this invitation…. Tomorrow we will participate in the movement started by retailer REI, who does not open their stores on Black Friday, encouraging folks to opt out of the chaos that is the shopping mall. kot-fb-post-11-21-16-copy

SubaruUSA has partnered with REI – if you post a photo of you and your pooch to social media using the hashtags #OptOutside and #MakeADogsDay, they will make a donation to the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Please join us in celebrating the great outdoors….